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The main objective of this blog is not for the pleasure of yourself nor others, but to document my life in cases of momentary misfortunate occasions, blissful memories and wandering thoughts. If you do so happen to enjoy and take pleasure of its contents, I hope that you take something from it; whether it is a lesson or just plain useless information.

"I am not afraid to tell you, “I love you.” Your mind may say, “How can you love me when you don’t even know me?” I don’t need to know you. I don’t need to justify my love. I love you because this is my pleasure. Love coming out of me makes me happy, and it’s not important if you reject me because I don’t reject myself. In my story, I live in an ongoing romance, and everything is beautiful for me. To live in love is to be alive again. When you recover your integrity, you always follow love.You live your life as an eternal romance because when you love yourself, it is easy to love everyone else. You love so much that you don’t need anyone elses love to make you happy."
—  Don Miguel Ruiz (via mjdeeze)

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Who is to hold the space for a woman’s greatness? In many heterosexual relationships, a man is threatened by a woman’s greatness, finding a variety of ways to make her question her own beauty and strength. A secure man is not threatened by a woman’s intellectual or emotional power but CELEBRATES the opportunity for joyful partnership that it offers him. The conscious question is whether a relationship can handle two stars.

We must relinquish the paradigm of men as power with women as support and instead embrace the image of both men and women as powers, with each SUPPORTING the other. Any man who holds a woman back is not a man a woman can AFFORD to be with. A woman has a mighty and sacred task to perform on earth. She will not be able to fulfill her function if she remains with a man who derides her glory.

Women are not powerless. We just PRETEND we are. We do this in large part because we are afraid of the punishment inflicted on us when we dare to be who we really are. It’s a subtle form of discrimination, but it’s clearly there. A few women are allowed into the club, it seems; women who have allowed themselves to be partially declawed, their sexual threat to the status quo diminished just enough, so that men and women alike can handle the juice. But an animal in the wild is not declawed, and an animal in the wild is a beautiful thing.

In the wild, we scream. We scream when we hurt, we scream when we give birth, we scream when we come, and that’s just the way it is. Now what kind of man can handle our passion, and what kind of man can ascend to the throne next to a woman who owns her OWN crown? A princess attracts a prince, a queen attracts a king. Women who whine attract men who whine. Women full of the lioness heart attract men who are full of the lion.

And this is where women are now, at a place where, perhaps for the first time ever, people are remembering en masse our cosmic function. Our love affairs are not here to serve an industrial machinery or a government system. Our sex is not for procreation alone. Our love is here to SPIRITUALIZE the earth. Both women and men are in quantum fast forward. We are growing new brains. We are using new eyes.

And when a woman REMEMBERS her glory, a man of goodwill can barely contain his joy. His real self arises in the presence of her own. I’m telling you, it works, this thing, this looking within to attract what is without. Make room for love, and it always comes. Make a nest for love, and it always settles. Make a home for the beloved, and he will find his way there.

—  Marianne Williamson  (via mindofataurus)

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I wish I was an Ice Princess, Elsa! (:

I wish I was an Ice Princess, Elsa! (:

A boy’s killer smile and humour will always make me fall<3 

Throwback to when I wrote this years ago. Still true(:

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